Day 1

by - 10/19/2015


Day 1 is officially done. Woo! 

This is definitely going to be a lifestyle change. Oh boy.

I felt full all day today, but kept eating with hopes of hitting my macros. Today is the first time I am eating this way, aka so much food in one day, and I feel a little overwhelmed. I think I really need to do some research on more protein rich meals/other ways to cook protein.

As long as I include protein shakes into my day, I should be able to hit my protein goal (258g a day). My favorite breakfast, overnight oats, will have to become a post workout snack. It is just way too many carbs for the morning and not enough protein. 

On another note, I don't think I am going to be able to lift my arms tomorrow. Success. I need to make sure I increase weights as necessary.

My body looks so skinny right now. I am nervous about this new journey, but I am going to take it one day at a time. My body will adjust. If others can do it so can I. I got this!

    Tip: Khrystle don’t stress yourself out - DO YOUR BEST! Results will come. It takes time.

Congrats on eating 2400 calories today! Now lets try to eat more protein and less carbs. 

(originally written on 4.30.15)

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