Gluten Free Pancakes

by - 11/27/2015

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

Nothing is better then some 2x2x2 from IHOP (2 eggs, 2 pancakes & 2 strips of bacon).
During this past year, I started paying attention to how I would feel after my IHOP adventures and I noticed whenever I would indulge, I would be super sleepy within the hour.

It made me think, maybe I really do have a food sensitivity to gluten.
So I decided to try some gluten free pancakes. 

Thanks to a google search, I found the most amazing gluten free pancake recipe:

This recipe is so simple, gluten free, sugar free, and it can be dairy free! 
You can use whatever kind of milk you want. I generally like to use Rice Milk (unsweetened vanilla), but the day I made these I only had Almond Milk in my fridge.

To give these delicious pancakes some sweetness, I will add blueberries or granny smith apple slices.
This helps eliminate the need/desire for syrup.

When combined with eggs and turkey bacon, this becomes my favorite pre-workout meal.
Right now my pre-workout meals are heavier in carbs than a typical meal.

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