A Good Trainer

by - 12/31/2015

Tip: Find a GOOD Trainer!

Figure out what it is you want. What is your goal?

What kind of trainer are you looking for? Someone who is hands on or someone who gives you a plan and leaves you alone?

Do you need someone who really knows nutrition?

Do you want someone who has worked with many different body types?

Do you want someone with a lot of experience or someone who is on their own journey figuring out what works for them?

These are some of the questions I recently found myself thinking about.

A few weeks ago I saw an acupuncturist who is helping me heal my gut.
It appears that my body is not absorbing nutrients.

My current trainer has me eating an insane amount of protein a day (280g).
For weeks my body has been telling me 'This is not working' and the acupuncturist has just verified my beliefs.

I now realize my current trainer's method of dieting does not work for me and my body is suffering greatly.

I need to work on healing my body while still working towards my goal of competing in an NPC Bikini Competition in Spring 2016.

Reality is my body is super sensitive and I need a trainer who really knows nutrition and the body.

Good news - I think I found the perfect trainer and I am eager to get started working with him.

Fingers crossed he is just what I need.

(originally written December 11, 2015)

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