I'm Human

by - 6/10/2016

 I am almost at the end of week 3 of the elimination diet and I may have strayed slightly.

Through Emily Hayden and Amanda Bucci's YouTube videos, 
I have grown extremely curious about Arctic Zero and Halo Top ice cream.
I looked online at both products ingredient list and Halo Top is actually made from milk, 
so I cannot try that, but Arctic Zero is another story.

Arctic Zero is low in calories (150 per pint) and is gluten, GMO, and lactose free.
The ingredient list for Salted Carmel consists of 12 items and 
in 1/2 cup there is 5g sugar, 2g dietary fiber, 7g carbs, 
3g protein, 135mg sodium, and 0g fat.
For me, these nutrition facts work.
I am very conscious of the amount of sugar I eat, including how much fruit I consume, 
and an ice cream product with 5g of sugar in 1/2 cup is awesome!
I generally like to eat less that 25g of sugar a day because sugar causes tons of health issues.

On Monday night, my boyfriend and I decided to try Arctic Zero 
since we were able to find it at our local Whole Foods.
The ice cream was creamy, but kind of tasted like flavored ice.
I absolutely loved the after taste I had from the salted caramel, 
which made me keep reaching for more.
I ended up having one too many spoonfuls and the next day I woke up stuffy and mucussy.

As I have mentioned, my body is pretty sensitive and I am working on healing it with food right now.

Another hiccup this week may be hidden in the lentils I purchased from Trader Joes.
Once I got home I realized the package said 'May contain wheat.'

So I may have had a little gluten this week while eating these lentils.
This is why it is crucial to read labels before leaving the grocery store.
I made the mistake assuming these precooked lentils were good to go.
Now I know for next time.

When I first started the elimination diet, I wanted to do it as perfect as I could.
I know I can be very disciplined and eat exactly how I should, but the emotional toll 
of constantly fighting cravings and temptations is tiring.
It is also a struggle since I am surrounded by tempting foods at work
and people who just eat whatever they want.
The other thing is I just spent 4 months being extremely strict and regimented.

Doing any diet takes an emotional toll on me and I find myself easily binging once it is done.
This happened to me after competition.
I indulged in so many foods that my body doesn't really like and I started to feel sick again.

Let me describe what feeling sick from food is for me in case you are experiencing 
similar symptoms, but are unsure if it is from food.
  • I start feeling groggy when I wake up
  • My stomach hurts either right after eating or when I need to eat
  • I wake up sneezing and stuffy
  • I am bloated and gaseous
  • I have an awful taste in my mouth
  • I wake up with swollen hands and sometimes face
  • My thoughts become darker
  • I am more emotional and moody
  • I get snappy at people for no real reason
The above are just the symptoms I can remember. 
Not every symptom is always there, but these are ones I frequently experience.

In the end, sometimes indulging isn't worth it.
At times I have an internal battle with fulfilling emotional needs by eating a food 
I am craving or sticking to foods that serve my body.

Since I finished competition I have enjoyed my freedom from a strict diet 
and I am having a hard time completely taking it away again.
Instead I am working on living the 80/20 rule - eat 80% clean and 20% foods I shouldn't have.

I am proud that I have done very well these past 3 weeks on the elimination diet, 
and I no longer wake up as stuffy as I did, 
but the Arctic Zero was definitely a slight stray.

At the end of the day I can't beat myself up.
 I am doing the best I can at this time.
Plus life is to be lived and sometimes you just have to live a little.

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