How to Start Eating More

by - 2/01/2020

Guilty confession ...
I haven't been eating enough.
I haven't been eating enough for too many weeks.

As a result I haven't been working out.
I just don't have the energy.
My mind feels foggy too.
I keep getting a little overwhelmed with everything going on.
 My patience and resilience may be a little low too.
And if I push my body too much, I end up sick.

This just means the last few weeks I have been
sleeping more, relaxing more, and have been pretty lazy.

Maybe a better way to rephrase all of this is:
I have been providing myself with a ton of grace
and I was only focusing on surviving through the holidays.
So now I am re-cooperating and just taking my time to get back on track.

I mean who says new goals really have to start on January 1?
Maybe mine will start February 1 instead. 

 All  jokes aside, not eating enough is really becoming a problem for me.
If you saw the blog post before this one (click here to read it),
then you'd know I got my blood work done recently and I still have a ton of work to do.

First order of business is for me to start eating more food.

How do you start eating more food if you don't have the appetite for it?
This is the dilemma.

I don't really WANT more food.
I know this is partially a result of my current habits.

Okay, so now I  have to make a new habit.
Like I REALLY HAVE TO DO THIS if I want to feel my best and be my best.

My first thought - what are things that increase my appetite naturally?
1. exercising / burning more calories
2. eating more regularly

I know my body freaks out sometimes when I exercise too much
without having enough fuel to support it.
So the idea to start exercising and then start eating more
probably won't be the best route.

Instead I am deciding on eating smaller meals more often.
This will naturally get me back into the grove of eating.

Today I want to share a few tips with how to succeed on starting to eat more.
I know I am not the only one out there experiencing this issue.
It's like sometimes you get too busy, you just aren't hungry, 
or you don't feel like making anything to eat because you are tired from your day.
It happens. It is okay.
We have to acknowledge though when we aren't fully taking care of our bodies
and do what we need to do to rectify it.
Without our health, we are nothing.

Okay so you want to start to eat more.
Here is what I suggest in order to really succeed at it.
1. Buy foods you LIKE and WANT to eat
This also means ditching any ideas of 'this food is really good for me' 
or 'I shouldn't eat that because it is bad for me'.
We cannot have any guilt here.
Understand it is temporary and your taste buds will change.
Right now we just have to focus on consuming MORE.
Eventually we can dive back into WHAT you are consuming and make it better.
Of course though please avoid really unhealthy and junky food.
Make smart decisions.

2. Plan out your meals ahead of time.
Pack your lunch the night before.
Get your snacks together.
Figure out 3-5 days worth of meals during the weekend 
so it is one less thing you have to think about during the work week.

3. Have food readily available.
Stock your fridge up with foods you can easily grab and eat.
Some good examples include fruit, coconut milk yogurt, rice cakes, hummus, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, nuts, etc.
Make it easy on yourself.
If you have food already prepared, you won't think twice about what you are going to eat
and you will be more inclined to eat.

4. Eat smaller meals more frequently.
You may have to remember what feeling hungry feels like 
and get used to the first cues when your body is telling you it is hungry.
Don't wait hours to eat.

5. Be mindful of how you are eating
Do your best to eat in a calm environment, thoroughly chew your food, and take small sips of water while you eat (consume the most amount of water in between meals).
You want to enjoy eating again so make it as fun as possible.

Stick with this and be consistent.
If you find yourself in a situation where you are running out of food,
then stop somewhere and buy more.
Carrying extra snacks with you is also really clutch especially,
if you find yourself getting randomly hungry.

With any new habit it takes time.
Focus on it one week and one day at a time.

Your body will adjust and you will be surprised with how much energy you have
once you start eating enough.

In the comments let me know you're favorite tip!

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