2 Weeks In

by - 11/22/2015

The truth of my second week is I have not been following a strict diet. I barely cooked all week, so almost all my meals were bought.
I also have not been taking my supplements or drinking enough water.

I woke up today feeling like blah - head bothering me. In order to feel good, I need to be eating clean. 
My body is sensitive and I know this, but the desires for cheese and sugar are sometimes easy to give in to, especially when I have no food cooked.

On another note, my arms are sore from my workout yesterday. Yay!! 
can't tell if i am changing at all. I need to remember this is a journey.
Clearly results are not going to happen as quickly as I'd like.
These changes are going to take time. I have to become more patient.

Some good news ...
On April 25 I weighed 115. Last night I weighed 121- almost 122. I have been gaining weight! 
Best part is I haven't been eating on the diet 100%, but I am still making gains! 
Time to keep it up. I am excited to see how I transform. 

(originally written on 5.9.15)

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