Surviving Cardio

by - 2/03/2016

I have found the easiest way to survive cardio is to read a book.

Sometimes when listening to music I know how long a song is, so cardio feels like an eternity. 
With a book, I become so engulfed with the story that time seems to just fly by.
I also look forward to cardio because it means I will get to read more.

Right now my cardio is 6 days a week of LISS, so it is easy to read while keeping my heart rate at about 110-120.

I recently completed Wishes Fulfilled by Wayne Dyer.

Wayne Dyer always has a wonderful way with words.
I found this book to be extremely motivating and helpful.

Some take aways from Wishes Fulfilled:
Thoughts matter.
Be careful how you define yourself.
You are powerful.
Anything is possible.
Time before sleep is crucial to success.
We are one.
Love is all there is.

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