Competition Day

by - 4/20/2016

5:30 am - 1st meal of the day
   4 oz. of chicken and 30g carb of oatmeal with cinnamon aka my normal meal during prep plus a few ounces of coconut water.

8:45 am - Check in
I decided to put in clip-in hair extensions, so we left a little bit later than I wanted. 
The line for height measurement was long which made us eat our next meal a little bit later than planned.

9:20 ish - 2nd meal of the day
4oz. of chicken and sweet potato plus a few ounces of coconut water. 
The fridge in our hotel worked so well that my food was frozen. 
I couldn't eat all of the sweet potato or chicken - not in this frozen state. 
Some bites were ice filled. YUCK.

9:45 ish - Makeup and Hair
 All ready minus the lipstick.

... then we waited ... 

12:15 pm - my boyfriend's debut in Novice Physique
  I was able to cheer in the audience - he did great!

1:30pm - finally put on my bikini
  I waited as long as I could because I didn't want to be uncomfortable all day. 

Shortly after
Time for me to get my spray tan touched up and to get bikini bite done.
 The spray tan took longer than I'd planned.
I barely ate any of my sugar + carb pre-judging meal or water. 
I was supposed to have it about 20-30 minutes before going on stage. 
Everything happened so quickly - I just didn't have time.

Everyone was really nice and no one seemed overly nervous. 
I was starting to get nervous, but I kept repeating positive thoughts.

It's time. 
I stepped up to the curtain and remembered what my friend had said, which is to still be present even on the side. I struck a pose and waited until it was my turn to walk out.

I am glad to say I did not trip and fall, I remembered my entire routine and I even made 
first call outs!


I participated in Novice and Open, so once I got off stage I went back in line to go back out again.
Posing is tiring - my muscles were sore by the end and I was so excited to get out of my heels.

After 3 pm - small cheat meal 
We went to Shake Shack and indulged in a burger and fries. Soo good, but nothing beat the water.
We were allowed the most water at this time (about 12 oz.)

We went back to the hotel to hang out until it was time to go back for the evening show.

Maybe around 7 pm
My boyfriend went out for the evening show and I snapped a few great pictures of him.

Possibly 8:45 pm
Time to line up for novice and then open evening shows. 
I was shocked to receive 4th place in novice and 5th place in open.

You can see this picture as well as others on the official competition page:

Thank you for reading and following my journey!

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