So Now What

by - 4/20/2016

It feels weird not having a goal to work for.
The stress I had before just gone. Poof.

But now we can eat ...

Night of competition:
Chilis right next to the hotel.
We enjoyed a side of mac and cheese, white spinach queso with chips, 
and a smothered carnitas burrito.

Morning after competition:
Dunkin Donuts! Boston Kreme and Bowtie.
These gave me the ultimate sugar rush and I was ready for a nap by the time we got home.

Lunch day after competition:
Sushi from our favorite place.
I got a shrimp tempura roll and a Philadelphia roll.

Then I decided I need to eat healthy Sunday night, so I went to whole foods and bought 
a bunch of goodies
and decided to make a lentil soup recipe that I learned in school.
Mine came out more like a stew.
 It was DELICIOUS and soo easy to make!

For the rest of my first week post competition, I did my best to eat an anti-inflammatory diet.
Most of my days I ate super clean, a lot of veggies, no meat, and at night I allowed myself to enjoy naughty foods with my boyfriend.

One night we had pizza, another night we had quesadillas. I am on a cheese kick.

I am being conscious though because too much gluten and sugar tends to mess with my moods.

If you can't tell I am the kind of person who always likes to have a goal.
Something to be working towards.

I have spent about one and a half years training for two different fitness competitions.
I am amazed by what I have done and do not want to lose any of the muscle I have gained through all of my hard work.
On the other hand, my stomach needs some healing.

In school I learned the body needs to fully digest, and for about a year I have not been allowing my body to do that.
I am now taking the time to eat less meals and eat less meat.

I feel like my body can be more alkaline, so I am focusing on eating foods to help rebalance my system.

I am going to continue to go to the gym, but now I think every other day I am going to do a yoga sequence at home from youtube.
My muscles could use some serious stretching and I want to reconnect with my spirituality.

I will continue to share my fitness journey and post workouts that I do, but I will also show much more of my food journey and what I am doing to heal my gut.

By the way sorry if the food pics aren't so great. 
I was so excited to eat that I didn't have the patience to take the perfect pictures.

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