How Much Protein?

by - 5/11/2016

I can't help but wonder how much protein does my body need to achieve the results I want?

One trainer I worked with believed I needed to eat 280 g of protein a day.
My second trainer capped me at 125 g of protein a day.

Who's method is correct?
Is it possible to gain muscle while eating less than 125 g of protein a day?

The body needs protein to provide raw material for the bodies daily repairs.
In general, it is recommended to eat daily 1 gram of protein for each kilogram of body weight.

If I weigh 120 lbs, I would want to eat about 54 g of protein for maintenance.

So what do I need if I am trying to gain muscle?

Per's article 'How Much Protein?', we can only digest about 25-30g
of protein per sitting.
For prep I was eating 25g of protein 5 times a day.

I must admit I do not miss eating that much protein right now.

I have been looking into ways to get more protein from plant-based sources.
Per's article, someone who is trying to gain mass through intense training should consume 1 g of protein per bodyweight.
Through this theory I would be eating about 120 g of protein a day, which is similar to what I was eating the last 4 months on my competition prep.

For concrete goals where there is an end date, I believe it is OK to consume high levels of animal meat, but in school I am learning so many benefits of a plant-based diet.

Ultimately, my body isn't really absorbing nutrients in the way it should.
I have some gut issues going on that I need to heal.
This is of course first priority and I will post my experiments/new foods.

I am going to vary my daily protein intake and see what
type of results I get with consistent training.

I am hoping to make more gains even though my protein intake may be less.
In my mind, if my body is able to absorb more nutrients, than it should work better to make gains.

We will see if my logic makes any sense.

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