I'm One of the Few - WARNING: TMI

by - 5/18/2016

This post will contain info that may be considered TMI.

Monday post competition I had an allergic reaction to the spray tan.

My back completely broke out.
Bumps on bumps on bumps that itched.
I think it was a combination of shaving, my hair growing back, and the spray tan.

As someone who generally has good skin, this new look made me feel pretty upset.
I didn't even want to work out because I couldn't wear tank tops to the gym.
Yes I could workout in a t-shirt, but its not the same.
I was overall uncomfortable and super self-conscious.

It is now three weeks later and I am still trying to figure how to clear up my skin.

I feel the need to write about this because there may be someone out there who competes and ends up having a similar reaction.

Some things I have tried to help my skin:
Epsom salt bath
Tea Tree Oil
Oregano Oil

Out of all of the above, I have seen the most rapid improvement with Tea Tree Oil and Oregano Oil.

You apply the oil directly to the skin and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Then you wash it off. 
Keep in mind you do not have to drench yourself in oil. In fact too much oil may make you feel sick.
Your skin will quickly absorb the oils and thats fine. 

If you end up with a reaction, be sure to really scrub away the spray tan with a wash cloth.
This should help with the healing process and get the toxins off your skin.

The rash will go away in due time.
In my opinion, patience and the above alternative methods will be your best
bet to avoid those nasty toxic steroid creams.

Hopefully this doesn't happen to you.
But if it does - I am here and know how you feel.

Feel free to reach out to me!

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