Case Solved

by - 9/06/2016

I believe I finally understand what is going on with my stomach 
and I have a plan to fully heal!

Have you ever gone to a doctor and they truly believed you should have some issue going on, 
but test results come back negative and the entire time you said you don't think that is an issue?
That happened to me ... it is good news though. 
I knew I didn't have it.
Just goes to show you should trust yourself.
No one knows your body better than YOU!

If you're wondering, SIBO stands for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth 
aka excessive bacteria in the small intestine. 
This type of overgrowth can interfere with normal digestion and absorption of food 
and can be common in people with leaky gut.
... Which is a reason why the doctor insisted I get checked for SIBO.

But it seems like the main thing I have going on is a leaky gut.

Leaky gut means the intestinal lining is no longer lined up properly and is more porous. 
As a result, the screening out process is no longer functioning properly and undigested food molecules (and other "bad stuff") that your body normally blocks 
will pass through and flow into your bloodstream.

I am not sure when my leaky gut may have started or what caused it, but it can be 
the reason for so many different health ailments that I experience 
like mood swings, anxiety, depression, food allergies, burping, stomach pains, etc.

Just food for thought:
If you were diagnosed with IBS, MS, Chrons, Hashimoto (and others listed on the link above) 
and I was to tell you that you could make huge health improvements 
by healing your gut - would you believe me?

Think about it.
70% of your immune system is located in the gut.
Many autoimmune issues stem from leaky gut.
Heal your gut and you may just heal or greatly improve a disease.

I view it like this.
Would I rather change my eating habits or
pay for medications for the rest of my life?

I clearly made up my mind to change.

So in order to heal, I am now taking a few more supplements.
2x types of Probiotics
Xymogen XymoZyme
Vitamin D
Please note all of these supplements were specifically prescribed to me by a functional medicine doctor.

Coconut oil, bone broth, and the gel from chia seed pudding are also extremely healing to the gut.
I incorporate these into my diet as well.

The best news though - I am allowed to also eat FODMAP foods now! 
What are FODMAP foods? 
Here is a definition from
"FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Mono-, saccharides and Polyols. These are a group of short chain carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed. In people with gastrointestinal symptoms, a diet high in FODMAPs can induce diarrhea and/or constipation, bloating, and abdominal pain."

I wasn't allowed to have FODMAPs because the doctor thought I had SIBO, 
which would just lead to more irritation.
Thankfully I don't sooo ...  here I come world.

I can have all the foods that were formerly on my 'foods to limit' list, 
which before I just completely avoided for the most part.

Catch 22 is that I can only have 1 new food a day in a small amount
and I have to wait 3 days before reintroducing a new food. 
This is the typical reintroduction process for foods once they have been eliminated.
Luckily I may still catch some summer fruit before the season is totally over.

Most of my future food posts will probably be everything I am able to eat again. 
Keep an eye out.

I am SO excited though! 
I can have grains more than 1x a day. 
I can indulge in brown rice pasta and brown rice rice cakes. 
I can have hummus and enjoy a bowl of rice, beans and avocado!
I am excited to reduce some of my protein intake again and have oatmeal for breakfast!
 Overnight oats here I come.

Of course I need to be mindful and figure out a good balance of grains.
Plus, my body may not like beans or hummus.
This is where the experimenting really matters 
and things will constantly change.

For right now, it feels like I have my life back lol. 
I want to start making some gluten free deserts that I have been dying to try. 
Maybe even some coconut flour donuts.

The possibilities are endless!

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