It Finally Clicked

by - 1/16/2017

Back in October I started working with another practitioner to try to figure out why I have been waking up sneezing every morning.

Our initial conversation made me feel like I was heard and she might have the solution to help me through these last bit of ailments I was experiencing.

I was shocked when her next email to me included only supplements and didn't address 
any of the environmental issues that came up during our session. 
I was hoping for a different type of program. 
One that included ways to help reduce the dust mites in my apartment and 
something to protect me from the electromagnet waves I continuously encounter.

The program she created revolved around supplements. 
It would last a little over a month and would address candida and my adrenals, 
as well as some gut issues.

Have I ever mentioned, I really don't like swallowing pills?

all of the supplements for the program

I bought myself a pill crusher and followed the program to the best of my ability. 
There is something about taking pills that just gives me anxiety. 
It's like the fact I am taking pills means my body is sick. 
Let's just say the supplements got old quick.

Once I completed the program, I reached out to my practitioner and she sent over 
a document for me to fill out and send back to her. 
I never responded. 
If you know me, this is out of character for me. 
I am generally always responsive, but with this it was different. 
There was nothing for me to check off on the document to send back. 
Any symptoms or complaints were pretty much gone.
Her program was a success.

So while in the midst of this program, I received a few lab bills 
from my functional medicine doctor visits. 
I wasn't expecting these and they were not cheap.
Every time I opened a new bill I was filled anger, tears and a feeling of being duped. 
My functional medicine doctor never explained I would have these kind of bills 
outside what I paid him and for the supplements, 
plus all the fees for ordering the tests to begin with. 
I felt betrayed. 
If I would have known these visits would be so costly, 
I probably never would have gone to see him.
Luckily, all of this made something finally click for me, like it actually really hit me. 
I am healthy. 
There is no reason for me spending this type of money when I am HEALTHY. 

Now I get that I don't need to keep spending my money with all these different practitioners. 
I know what I need to do to maintain my own health. 
I know my body better than anyone else.
This was a real lesson that I needed to learn.

These experiences opened my eyes to what it must feel like to be actually sick. 
To receive a bill for hundreds of dollars from just one lab test. 
To pay doctors and buy supplements. 
It is a lot and our health care system is broken. 
My heart breaks at the idea that there are people really going through it. 
Having medical bills so high with no end in sight.

The beauty of the body is it will heal itself when given the right ingredients. 
Through food and life style changes, we can lose weight, reduce bloating, gain mental clarity, increase energy, reduce our chances of getting diabetes or heart disease. 
It is through the choices we make that dictates our future. 
Food matters and it is information for the body. 
You want to continually give your body good information.
 There is nothing like the feeling of being healthy. 
It makes life so much better because you feel good

Thinking back on this lesson I kind of kick myself in the butt because 
I was foolish enough to get caught up in the idea that someone else is going to fix me
Reality is ... 
1. I am not broken 
2. I know what I need
3. I don't really need a lot of fixing 
4. Listening to my body is essential 
5. I am healthy

To keep myself from feeling like it was all a waste, I remember that I 
found out some really good information.
I learned what foods I am sensitive to and eliminating them 
has made a HUGE difference in how I feel.

So the question is, now what?
This is the first time in a long time that I am not 
following some type of program (doctors or fitness training).

I recently went through a week of antibiotics, which increases the candida in the gut. 
Instead of working with a practitioner to take a million supplements, 
I am going to figure out my own way to reduce these bugs.
I decided I am going to start my mornings with warm lemon water,
 drink at least one cup of bone broth a day, and start taking activated charcoal. 
I may continue this for a week or two and also reduce my grain intake, 
so the majority of my meals are protein, veggies, and fat based.

If I am feeling really ambitious, I may do 1 day of bone broth fasting 
or do some intermittent fasting. 
We will see.
There are so many different ways to help bring the body into optimal health. 
I love experimenting!

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