Bone Broth Fast

by - 10/20/2016

If you read my last post, then you know I overdid it.
Too many sweets. 
Intense cravings. 
No real discipline.
A recipe for feeling sick.

In order to get back on track I decided to do a bone broth fast.
After a lot of research I learned a bone broth fast ...

1. Helps heal leaky gut
2. Re-balances gut microbiome
3. Improves immune system
4. Gives the digestive system a break
5. Supplies important minerals
6. Makes your skin glow

On Saturday into Sunday I made enough bone broth
that I would be able to consume at least 64oz of bone broth a day.

My original goal was to do a 4-5 day fast.
Dilemma was I had training for work on Wednesday and Thursday, 
so I wouldn't be able to sit at a desk and drink away. 
Plus the commute was a little bit longer.

Sunday arrived and all I did was drink bone broth.
I bought a 64oz thermos and carried it around all day.
I felt slightly tired, but overall OK.
I thought I can do this.
This isn't too bad.

Monday came around and I went to work.
Thermos filled.
No food with me. 
Prepared to just drink bone broth.

So that is what I did.
I sat at my desk and drank cup after cup until 
the entire thermos was empty.

Being at work was challenging though.
All I could smell was food.
As if it was everywhere.
 I started to get hungry.
My stomach started to hurt.
My head felt foggy.
The fogginess was worse than competition prep.
By the end of the work day I had a headache.

I arrived home and went to sleep hoping to sleep it all off.
I woke up to intense hunger pains.

I decided it wasn't worth it.
I may not need a full 4-5 day reset.
My body may not be that messed up.
I gave in and I ate food that night.
And boy was it delicious.

Another result of the fast was weight loss.
For me going just a day without eating 
really impacts my weight.
Losing weight is something I don't want to do.

So I decided to take one full pot of bone broth 
and store it in mason jars in the freezer.

These mason jars were not freezer proof.
I found out days later when I went
to get more bone broth.

Every single jar had cracked.
There went half of the bone broth and all of my mason jars.

whomp whomp

Lesson learned.

I continued to drink the remaining bone broth every day in addition to the food I ate.
The bone broth still provided my body with nutrients.
The only benefit for me to have stuck with the fast 
is to give my digestive system a break.

Overall, my cravings did decrease
and I felt healthier, as if my immune system
was indeed stronger.

This week I made another batch of bone broth.
Just drinking 1-2 cups a day still benefits my overall health.
 I plan to frequently include bone broth in my diet.

Here are some of the website I read for information on Bone Broth.

This is the recipe I base my bone broth on.
Bone broth made in only a few hours!
It is magical. Thanks Instant pot!
I am currently experiencing food sensitivities to apples, 
so I am unable to use apple cider vinegar.
Instead I make my bone broth with lemon.
The purpose of using the lemon (or apple cider vinegar)
 is to help pull nutrients from the bones.

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  1. Love this post and bone broth! The best tasting health food that has really helped me heal from leakt gut syndrome. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading! So glad to hear you also have experienced positive results from bone broth!