I've Gone NATUR-AL

by - 1/08/2018

For the longest, I have never wanted to be that person.
You know the person who is extra healthy.
Like beyond foods - 
all into the cleaning products, toothpaste, deodorant, makeup, etc.

I always thought I would just eat healthy, exercise, sleep
and that would be good enough.

Then I realized some of the ways these chemicals impact us.

The fact that Alzheimer's and Breast Cancer have been linked 
to the aluminum compounds found in antiperspirants 
was enough for me to start to rethink my decision.

Once the weather changed, I decided it was time to make the switch -
I mean you couldn't expect me to try this out during the summer!

I went from wearing Secret to rocking PUR-BK.

It took a few weeks for me to stop sniffing 
my armpits every couple of hours.

Whenever you switch from chemical deodorant to natural,
your body needs time to adjust.

There is something called a detox phase.
Your armpits will release all the gunk that has been accumulating
for years and years of using antiperspirants.

At first, I would apply PUR-BK in the AM prior to leaving
and halfway through my day, I would put some more on.
I was pretty self-conscious about it.

After about a month, I finally felt confident in PUR-BK
and its ability to hold out during the day.

By then, my body was done detoxing and adapted quite nicely to the change.

The only thing I couldn't shake was experiencing 
a bit more sweating than I was used to.

Natural deodorants aren't antiperspirants
(which is a good thing! - your body needs to sweat to 
release toxins and regulate your body temperature).

You ever start sweating and then get scared that you won't stop, 
so then you just sweat even more??
The more quickly I stopped freaking out, the faster I stopped sweating.
BOOM - problem solved!

In all fairness, sweat isn't the culprit of smelly pits;
it is just a mixture of salt and water.
The natural bacteria that is living on your skin + contact with sweat
is what creates that body odor.

I have noticed the longer I have been wearing PUR-BK,
the less smelly my sweat has become.
It must have changed the bacteria for the good!

Natural deodorants work 100%.
You have to make sure you find one that works for you.
Each body type is different, so you have to shop around and experiment.
There are a ton of options though.

As I mentioned, I started my transition with PUR-BK, 
specifically the Love and Strength scents.

When I was a teenager, I switched over to Tom's for a bit.
I ended up breaking out from it and got a rash.
Natural deodorants shouldn't do that.
If you are reacting, for more than the initial days, 
then I would suggest finding another brand to try.

Some other natural deodorants out there include:

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