Celery Juice - Is It Worth the Hype?

by - 7/22/2018

When I first read Medical Medium I felt as if he explained my entire life's health history.
As a kid, I had strep throat 14 times between the ages of 2-4.
I would then get it whenever I would stress myself out.
When I was a teenager I had mono and never knew it until I went to the doc for something unrelated and it showed up on my bloodwork.
In 2012 I was told I was leaning towards Hashimoto's when I had absolutely no signs of it.
This year it was 100% confirmed that I have leaky gut, a gene mutation (MTHFR),
and my body is not absorbing nutrients.
I also found out I have an autoimmune issue, my liver showed up sluggish,
and the doc mentioned thyroid again to me.

Keep in mind I am 28.
I have been working with holistic doctors for over 10 years now.
Everyone has their own opinion, but no one has been able to connect the dots with all these issues.

That's where the Medical Medium comes in.
He believes many health issues are really Epstein Barr Virus.
He says there are different groups and over 60 different strains of the virus 
- some more progressive than others.

In his book, he describes how strep is a good friend of Epstein Barr.
He also talks about how the virus ends up getting into your organs and impacting them 
- like the thyroid.

Believe what you want, but for me all of this was comforting.
When a doc says to you that your body is attacking itself it is a little frightening 
because I wonder how do I keep that from happening.
In the Medical Medium, he explains how that isn't the case.
Your body is never attacking itself, instead it is fighting off the virus.

So one of the things the Medical Medium suggests is starting your morning off with celery juice.
It has to be made right there on the spot and taken on an empty stomach.
You can read all the wonders celery juice does for you here.

Basically, it does a ton - like calm inflammation, balance body's PH, kill the Epstein Barr virus 
and increase your hydrochloric acid in your stomach which helps with digestion.

 My first week I felt bloated pretty quickly after drinking it.
It wasn't like a super uncomfortable bloat, but I felt like my stomach was poofier.
My face also broke out pretty badly and I felt pretty tired.
So I let myself sleep when I could.
I knew my body needed the rest.
By the end of my first week my throat felt like it was on FIRE and I started having
white spots resurface on my tonsils (this is super common for me though).

My second week has been a bit better.
I don't feel as bloated as I did. My throat is feeling better, but I have moments.
I randomly broke out with a rash on my toe too - talk about a true detox.
My energy seems to be better though!
I still feel like I wake up with a cold every morning, but it is getting better.

I know my body is healing.
Healing takes time.

Think about it - I have been dealing with strep throat for 26 years.
This is going to take some time.

I decided I am going to keep drinking celery juice and see how it goes.
I believe the benefits of celery juice are worth it.
Plus my body could really use the detox.

In my mind I don't really have any of those health issues - I just have a virus.
With food, I can get rid of the virus and no longer have those issues.

That's my belief though.
Luckily many times our beliefs become our reality.
So I will keep believing this and working towards it because I know I can do it.

Quick side note, besides celery juice I have changed my diet again.
I focus on eating way more fruits and vegetables.
I don't really eat meat anymore right now - maybe once a week.
I still have rice, beans, and oatmeal.
I am listening to what my body wants.
That is the key to healing.
Tune in and give your body what it needs!

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