Never Freak Out Again

by - 6/05/2019


Luckily, I have figured out a way to basically eliminate freaking out.

This strategy helped me avoid a TON of potential panic attacks.

A little back story real quick.
In 2011 I was in Bolivia and ended up getting sick.
Something in me changed and I became extremely fearful
 - especially when it came to eating.
From that point on I started limiting what I ate.
It got to the point where eating at restaurants made my heart race.

I couldn't stop going to restaurants altogether, so I had to learn how to cope.

Whenever I experienced moments where my heart would race I would embrace it.

Let me break that down a little bit more.
1. my heart would start pounding
2. I would notice it racing
3. I would let it race
4. I would distract myself from any fearful thoughts 
(especially the what if's and why's - I wouldn't judge or pick apart what I was feeling - I would just feel)
5. I would shower myself with love and comfort

Plus I'd take a few deep breaths and hold my hands in a specific position.
Other times I would focus on my feet on the ground or the colors around me.
I would do my best to get extremely present.

Most of the time when these moments happened, I was around other people.
I wouldn't tell them I was freaking out because if I did it would escalate it.
Instead, I would keep it to myself and just allow it to pass.
It always would disappear, it just took time.

My newest YouTube video breaks this all down even more.

The secret to not freaking out is to:

You become okay in discomfort.
You no longer resist it.
You allow it to be present.
You don't give it more light.
You let it do its thing.
You don't fixate on it.
You observe it and let it be.

Know you can handle anything that is happening in your life.
You are powerful.
You are strong.
You are capable.

The discomfort does not last long.
It is fleeting like all other feelings.

Allow it to exist without resistance and watch it go away faster than ever.

Get comfortable with feeling discomfort.

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