Eating Healthy Doesn't Happen Overnight

by - 6/02/2019

In 2015 I worked with a nutritionist who said I needed to start cooking more.
I had just started a new job in corporate america and the last thing I wanted to do was cook.
I felt like I didn't have the energy.
Plus I was prepping for a pole fitness competition.

My time was more valuable than to spend it in the kitchen.
I wasn't feeling good though.
My stomach was a hot mess.
I was bloated often.
My energy was lacking.
My emotions were all over the place.
This is why I started working with a nutritionist to begin with.
Every time we spoke,  I couldn't wrap my mind around 
how she would cook so much of her food from scratch.
How did she make the time?

Fast forward to now, 2019, I cook basically everything from scratch.
My current diet is plant-based, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, egg free, and minimal corn.
I have figured out how to make the time because
 I feel my best when I eat foods that make me feel good.

This transition didn't happen overnight though.
Over the years, I have evolved into someone who cooks frequently.

If you are someone who was like me in 2015;
 buying lunch every day and eating out most nights for dinner, 
then my newest YouTube video is perfect for you.

In the video I break down how to go from buying out to how to start cooking more.

The trick is to start with microwaveable foods.
(yes I know the microwave isn't the healthiest cooking modality, 
but when you are just starting off it is perfect)
Buy proteins, veggies, and grains that you can microwave.
You can even get microwaveable meals.
Trader Joes has a TON of amazing options that are cost-efficient.

Once you get comfortable with making meals and bringing them with you,
then you can start to explore cooking.
Some of the different cooking styles include 
sauteing, baking, boiling, blending, grilling, and stir-frying.

I suggest you start with making your own veggies first.
They are seamless and don't take much time.
Once you get comfortable with your vegetables,
start to expand to grains or proteins.

You will learn it doesn't take long to cook a meal.
The goal is to have you make the mental switch that you do have the time
and it is crucial for you to make the time because
it helps you feel 10x more amazing!

Keep it simple and keep it exciting.

Did you know I have a course all on meal prepping??
If you're ready to step it up, then check out Meal Prepping Made Easy!

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