Eating for Your Health

by - 9/23/2019

There were so many times I wanted to quit and throw in the towel.
And sometimes I did.
Hence why you'd see me face deep in baked mac and cheese.
Which would then unravel into all the desserts.
At that point what did it matter - I had already 'broke' my diet.

You see I worked with A LOT of doctors.
All trying to figure out what was really going on with me -
why was I waking up with a sore throat every morning
why was I experiencing dinosaurs burps
why did my stomach hurt
why did I have crazy thoughts
why was my bloodwork showing hashimoto's thyroid issue
why was it coming up that I have an autoimmune issue
how could I suddenly have a heart murmur
why was my body not absorbing nutrients  

... the list goes on a little bit more,
but you get the picture.

I had some health things to work on and guess what.
I worked on them.

The body is absolutely incredible!!
It can heal itself with the right nutrients.

Nutrients go beyond food and supplements though.
It also includes sleep, relaxation, thoughts, exercise, and more.
This is all a topic for another day though.

For today I want you to recognize
when you are eating for your health it becomes different.
It is being consistent.
It is recognizing how every day you are taking a step towards feeling better.

When you start to feel better, you stick with it a little longer to make sure 
you aren't just having a really good day. 

You get specific on the foods you are choosing.
You believe fully in the power of these foods and supplements
(+ everything else you are doing).
You constantly see yourself as being healed.

 You understand you need to be patient.
It took YEARS for your body to develop whatever is going on with it.
It will take TIME for it to heal.

Every day you choose health.

Then eventually you one day get to a place where
you are feeling amazing - ALL THE TIME.
You did all the work.
Your blood work reflects it.
You may start to indulge a little bit more often than not.
You still eat the foods that helped you heal.
You just create a bit more balance.

There is power in food.
There is power in thought.

You can heal your body.

I love this topic so much!
Even recorded a podcast episode about it all -
check out A Blissfully Balanced Life podcast by clicking here.

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