The Clock Set Back - Are You Feeling More Moody?

by - 11/05/2019

Full transparency, I really DISLIKE when we change the clocks back.

It means I am waking up in the dark.
Going to work in the dark.
Leaving work in the dark.
Days filled with so much darkness!


Over the years I have noticed my mood changes when the weather changes.
This idea of seasonal mood disorder is a real thing.
SAD aka Seasonal Depression typically starts in the fall and gets worse through the winter.

Some symptoms of SAD include:
- sadness
- anxiety
- irritability
- loss of interest in usual activities
- withdrawal from social activities
- inability to concentrate
- extreme fatigue and lack of energy
- increased need for sleep

I find for me it more so manifests as an overall lack of motivation and a desire to stay indoors.

Once I notice these feelings starting to creep up, I start to do things to combat SAD.

This is why awareness is CRUCIAL!
We cannot get ahead of something if we are unaware it is happening.
And so many times we end up in the thick of it.
So it takes us longer to improve our mood.

My goal for you is to start to recognize the slight changes you are experiencing and 
make changes immediately to keep yourself in a good place.

Today I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks to boost your mood during these dark days.

1. get aware! check in often with yourself to see how you are feeling.

2. get out in the sun and be in nature at least 10 minutes every day. 
during the work day and weekend get outside and get exposed to the sun. 
our bodies need vitamin d and getting exposure to vitamin d will help to naturally boost your mood.

3. get a light box. it will help with your exposure to light, especially if you cannot get outside.

4. buy yourself flowers and plants - keep some at your desk and in your home.

5. exercise regularly!

6. connect with other people and fill up your calendar with social activities. 
many times we tend to withdraw - if you are feeling like withdrawing then 
challenge yourself to be around people more 
because that is when you need to be around people the most

7. use essential oils - take an epsom salt bath with sweet orange essential oil (it helps lift you up, boosts your mood, calms your worries)

I did a Facebook Live talking about these tips - you can check it out here.

Which of the above tips works best for you?
Let me know in the comments

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