I Broke Up with Gluten & Dairy For Good

by - 1/14/2020

You see gluten and dairy and I had this thing.
I'd say no more and then find myself welcoming them back in.
We'd get together and I would remember why I left ...

the stomach pains
the awful gas
the congestion
the brain fog
the fatigue
the emotional roller-coaster

I wanted to be rid of them for good, but I struggled to say goodbye.

How could I let go of baked mac and cheese, pizza, and cheese ravioli?
We were all so close.

My body was suffering though.
My stomach was constantly in pain.

I went to another doctor and he said these friends of mine have got to go for good.

And that was that.
January 2018 I officially broke up with gluten and dairy.
The games we were playing since 2009 finally came to an end.

Guess what - they don't miss me.
They aren't even thinking of me.
What great friends - pft!

I don't need them anyway.

I have replaced every single one of them with a non-dairy and gluten free version.
HA take that old friends!

That's right, there is
- gluten free vegan baked mac and cheese
- gluten free vegan bread
- gluten free vegan cookies/cupcakes/donuts/ice cream
- gluten free vegan chocolate
... the list goes on and on

In fact, I have a ton of new friends!
I feel amazing when I hang out with them.
I don't even remember what my old friends were like anymore.

So last night I hung out with a vegan cheeseburger 
and we had the BEST time.
(Vegan Cheeseburger from Love Life Cafe in Miami, FL)

I am going to keep making new friends, 
especially because there are so many more friends for me to meet!

Drop a comment and let me know some of your favorite gluten free vegan friends!

If you've ever wanted to figure out if you should break up with gluten and dairy, 
I am running a 6 week program that starts January 19th.
This program will help you learn how you feel with
these kind of friends in your life.

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