Shoulder + Ab Workout for Beginners

by - 1/21/2020

If you are an OG subscriber of this blog, then you may remember it originated with 
me sharing my journey of competing in a body building competition.

Since then, I have become:
- a Holistic Health Coach
- a Personal and Group Fitness Trainer
- a Reiki II Healer

On this blog, I am planning to share more posts that will help you improve your health!!

Today I am sharing a Shoulder + Ab workout that is great for beginners.

Workout Warm up with front raises 2x12-15 Warm up with lateral raises 2x10-12 4x8-10 shoulder press 4x8-10 Arnold press burn out with around the worlds Abs - legs together, one leg at a time, windshield wipe

Watch the video below to see all the moves.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments.

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