Drinks that Dehydrate You

by - 2/16/2020

You ever have one of those days where
you woke up feeling great and then towards
the end of the day your head starts pounding?

All you want to do is close your eyes
and make the pain stop, 
but no matter how much you massage your temples,
the thumping is still there.

Headaches are common when you
have not had enough water.
Just one small way your body is showing it is dehydrated.

Dehydration can also show up in various forms like ...
physical fatigue
brain fog
inability to focus
white tongue
dry mouth
dark yellow urine throughout the entire day
poor sleep
sugar cravings

We may think we are staying hydrated because we are consuming enough liquids,
but some beverages are actually dehydrating your body.

1. Soda - is like a perfect dehydration storm. 
Most sodas are a combination of sugar, caffeine, and sodium.
All of these contribute to dehydrating the body.
I know a cold soda may feel refreshing, but if you pay 
close attention you may recognize it leaves you feeling more thirsty.

2. Alcohol - is a diuretic and causes your body to flush water more quickly than normal.
Hence the extra trips to the bathroom.

3. Caffeinated drinks - coffee, tea, energy drinks, and soda 
all contain caffeine, which has a diuretic effect on the body.

4. Sugary drinks - think your lemonades, iced teas, fruit drinks - 
anything with a lot of sugar will be more harmful than helpful.

Now remember, having a little bit of something isn't going to hurt.
However if you're struggling with feeling hydrated,
then you may want to take some time to really change how you feel.

It is incredible how much better you will feel when you are properly hydrated.

Here are a few ways to easily get hydrated.

1. Focus on water - just good ole H2O.
If you don't like plain water then dress it up with fresh fruit, lemon juice, or mint.
Be sure to pick something fresh, like fruit, rather than the chemicals that exist to dress up your water.
The whole point is for us to reduce your chemical intake and allow your body to get exactly what it needs in order for you to feel your best.

2. Drink some coconut water.
Coconut water is full of electrolytes and will quickly rehydrate your body.
There are even some flavored coconut waters out there.

3. Increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables.
Fresh fruits and veggies will provide your body with water that you may be missing 
by eating a lot of breads, pastas, rice, cheeses, and meats.
Focus on getting as many servings a day as possible.

The only thing that matters is how you feel.

Drink enough water where
- your pee is a light yellow throughout the entire day
- you feel energized and you can focus

Do your best to reduce the beverages that dehydrate you to 1-2 cups a day
or even better 1-2 cups a week.

Make water be your #1 and change how you feel!

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