How to Travel and Eat Healthy Gluten Free Veganish

by - 2/13/2020

2020 started with a BANG -
3 days on a cruise
11 days in Florida
another 3 days in Florida

In the 17 or so days I spent away from home, 
I ate more vegetables than I did in all of December.
I didn't cook at all either.
Like - not one bit.
Ate out 100% of the time.

Traveling doesn’t have to mean eating junk.

Sometimes we decide to ‘be on vacation’ and ‘enjoy ourselves’ 
because we are a little burnt out.
We want to spoil ourselves.

That’s all good, but you can spoil yourself while still eating somewhat healthy.
It’s all about balance.

For me vacations typically turn into trying new vegan and gluten free food.
(Eventually I will do a post of the top vegan/gluten free spots in Miami / Ft Lauderdale area)

Now I know not everyone is a foodie or has food restrictions, 
but if you do then I got you!

Here is how I travel and continue to eat healthy.

1. I either bring snacks or buy them at the airport.
Snacks typically include fruits and chips.
At the airports I feel like bananas are really easy to come by.
There are also fruit cups sometimes.

Some chips I am able to find in airports that are gluten free and vegan include:
beanfields, dang, plantain chips, hippeas, biena, banana chips, popcorn
(just make sure you double check the ingredient list)

I also ALWAYS buy a bottle of water.
This helps me with still having water to drink when I get off the plane.
(I have this thing with water - it is like my comfort blanket. I always like to have some on me at all times.)

2. So this is the tip that will change depending on what kind of person you are.
I typically trust wherever I am I will figure something out,
so I don't fully plan.
Yep, that's right - I wing it.
Sometimes that results in taking a good 30 minutes to figure where I want to eat,
however I have recently learned all I have to do is look an hour before I want to eat.

But if you are someone who likes to be prepared then this is what I suggest:
 - Open up google maps. 
- Search the area you are traveling to for 
gluten free food
or vegan food
or gluten free vegan food.

(of course you can also do a google search for the top gluten free vegan restaurants in that area too 
- this may give you an idea of places to go see that aren't necessarily exactly where you are staying.)

Depending on how restaurants list themselves, 
you will see different places appear and disappear.

- Look at the menu and see if there is anything you'd eat.
- Make a list of all the places you can eat at and the times they close.

(I find a lot of vegan spots sometimes close at 3pm if they are more cafe style.)

The choice is yours!
Plan ahead of figure it out on the spot (via google maps).
Fair warning, if you're going to wing it, be prepared if you're SOL  you may be 
stuck eating a plate of french fries or loading up on fruit.

3. Buy food and water that you can keep in the hotel.
The worst is being completely without!
I'll head to a local store (CVS, Walgreens, a Grocery Store, etc.) and grab 
more water, fruit, nuts, granola (like Made Good bars or a bag of granola)
and some more chips.
 If there is a fridge where I am staying,
 I may get some vegan yogurt or some pre-cut fruit.

It is all based on how I am feeling, what looks good in the moment,
and how many days I will be staying.

Having snacks on deck helps you from getting really hungry and eating whatever you see.
(in other words it buys me time when I am searching for 30 minutes for a place to eat at - haha!)
This is also a really good tip for saving money.

4. Sometimes there aren't any vegan restaurants around.
It happens.
I experienced it in Arizona when we ended up at Denny's.
And guess what - they had gluten free English muffins and jam.
Enough to hold me over until I could get something else.

Wherever you end up, you should be able to get an order of something.
It may be vegetables and maybe some rice or a baked potato, or an order of french fries.
You may ask for a super custom order, but that is okay.
Restaurants can accommodate your ask - just don't be shy!

Always see if they have a gluten free menu or a vegan menu or any items (sometimes this isn't advertised).
Your server would know or they can ask the kitchen.

When looking at a menu, pick the foods you know will make you feel good.
Remember, you are traveling and you WANT to feel your BEST!
Sooo ... this may not be the time to experiment to see if you've overcome your sensitivity
 - save that for when you get home.

Traveling as someone who is gluten free and vegan is easier than I thought it'd be.
AND I don't really eat salads (if you do then you have WAY more options).
[If you're wondering, salads make my stomach hurt sometimes - #healingmygutstill]

Do your best to focus on whole foods ...
your fresh fruits and vegetables.
If fruits and veggies are the majority of your meals,
 then you are GOLDEN!

Let me know in the comments your top tips for traveling and eating healthy!

If you've always wanted to improve your diet, 

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