The Best Way to Exercise - aka the Healthiest Weekly Exercise Regimen!

by - 2/25/2020

I like to tackle fitness and food from a holistic point of view
aka including all aspects - looking at the whole picture.

When it comes to exercise and my clients, there are a few things I have noticed.
Sometimes we push our bodies too hard.
Sometimes we let laziness take over.
Sometimes we doubt what we are actually capable of.
Sometimes we are scared to be a beginner.

What I have come to realize through my own journey and with working with others,
 is that exercise is just as personal as food is.

The kind of movement your body is craving changes day to day.

We have to take into account:
1. how much food you have eaten that day
2. how well you slept the night before
3. how energized you feel
4. how your body is feeling overall (aka is a cold brewing)
5. where you are in your menstrual cycle
6. where your mind is and how stressed you feel

The most important thing we can do for our health is to 
check in every single day and ask ourselves how am I feeling today?

You have to be real with yourself though.

If you are avoiding a workout because of pure laziness then call yourself out.
If you are pushing yourself too hard then give yourself some grace and opt for something calmer.

Since your energy and body are constantly changing, your workouts during the week should also change.

The three most important workout styles that I believe everyone should do during the week are:
1. Cardio
2. Yoga
3. Weightlifting

Cardio is crucial because it improves your cardiovascular system, aka your heart, 
by supplying the body with more oxygen.
Some amazing cardio exercises include: running, biking, jumping rope, rollerblading, stair master, elliptical, 
row machine, swimming, power walking, aerobics.

Yoga is essential to increase flexibility, muscle strength and body tone. 
Plus it will help you recover from your other workouts by stretching your muscles. 
Besides the physical benefits, yoga improves your mental health and helps you feel relaxed.

Weightlifting is very important as we age because it helps improve bone density, boosts your metabolism, improves sleep, reduces anxiety, boosts your energy, boosts your mood, and more. 
When we lift weights we are using our muscles so we are less likely to lose them.

Now how you fit all three of these workouts into your schedule 
is up to you and your personal workout preference.

I genuinely like the traditional styles of these exercises, 
so my workout schedule for one week may look something like this:
Monday: weightlifting
Tuesday: weightlifting
Wednesday: yoga
Thursday: OFF
Friday: weightlifting
Saturday: cardio + weightlifting
Sunday: cardio or yoga

My go-to cardio exercise is rollerblading (weather permitting).
If that isn't available then I may jump on the bike at the gym or one of the other machines 
(depends on my mood).

You can make this way more creative though.
Instead of separating cardio and weight training, you can combine the two 
- think of your HIIT or Circuit style workouts.
These would incorporate movements that will get your heart rate up 
plus movements that increase your strength.
A lot of gyms offer classes that do just this!

A workout schedule with this type of style may look something like this:
Monday: cardio + weights
Tuesday: cardio + weights
Wednesday: yoga
Thursday: OFF
Friday: cardio + weights
Saturday: cardio + weights
Sunday: yoga

The options are endless when it comes to creating a great workout schedule.
It is just going to depend on what you enjoy the most.

That is where you have to experiment!

When you are just starting out I suggest you make a weekly exercise schedule.
On that day be sure to check in with yourself and ask yourself 
'what workout will be the best for me today?'
Pay attention to your answer. 
If your schedule says today is a cardio + weights day, but you barely slept the night before, 
then rework your schedule and make today a yoga day.

The healthiest weekly exercise regimen is going to be one that incorporates all three of these styles 
because these will really target every single aspect of your health.

If you would like support on creating an ideal fitness routine, then please shoot me an email at 
I make custom individual fitness programs depending on your goals.

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