How to Transition to Eating 100% Vegan[ish]

by - 2/28/2020

If you've ever been on a diet before, you may recall 
it isn't the easiest thing to just make a switch.

For many, it is daunting to change the way they eat.
You have no idea where to start.
You don't know what you can eat.
It isn't easy and it doesn't feel natural.

I notice a lot of people get caught up in the what-if's and thinking about changing 
how they eat and thinking about how it would make them feel rather than just doing it.

You will never know how your body responds to a change unless if you make that change.

Keep in mind you can experiment for as long or as little as you'd like.
You know your body best and you know what it can handle.

In reality though, you may not notice a ton of changes in a few days,
unless if you are super aware of your body already. 

Alright so ... you want to transition into eating 100% vegan.

Make it a gradual process.

First start off with one full day during the week where you eat no animal products.
Next make it 2 or 3 days during the week.

Keep increasing the number of days until you get to the place 
where all 7 days are full of plant-based foods.

On your non-plant based/vegan days, research new vegan[ish] recipes.
Look up vegan restaurants that you can visit too.
This will help you come up with more recipes.
YouTube has a TON of content as well.
Be open to trying new foods and allow yourself to be a beginner.
The more fun you make this process, the easier it will feel.

Changing your diet is exciting!!
It is a journey you take with your body.
You get to really learn yourself during this time.

Plus food can be really fun.
There are so many creative recipes out there!

Your body will thank you for listening to it and figuring out what works best.

One small note, being vegan[ish] isn't for everyone and THAT IS OKAY!!
You have to eat in a way that makes your body feel good.
Start with learning what makes your body feel good.
This will change over time.
How you eat now may not be how you eat in a few years from now.
It is about getting really good with tuning in to your body.

This process can take as long as you need it to.
It can be a few weeks or a few months or a over a year and more.

The whole point is to feel good with your food choices. 
The best way to learn your body is to document it. 
In Wake Up, Girl! A 6 Week Journey to Learning Yourself you will have a Food Planner that allows you to document how you feel after your meals, snacks and beverages.
It is the perfect companion for this kind of journey!


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