What to Eat When You Don't Know What to Eat!

by - 2/07/2020

Classic evening at your house??

Girl, I know how you feel.
You are hungry but you are not in the mood for anything.

Whatever someone is suggesting isn't good enough.
You don't want it.
You are indecisive.

It happens to all of us.
Don't worry!

So how do you figure out what to eat?

We can do a few different things.

With each scenario I want you to check in with yourself.
1. think about what you are about to eat
2. imagine yourself eating it
3. pay attention to how your body feels when you think about

If you get excited or feel good about the food you are thinking about eating, 
then it's a good choice.
If you feel queasy at the thought or just a little off,
then SKIP - on to the next one.

It's time to figure out what to eat tonight!!

Are you eating out or cooking at home?

Let’s go with the idea of eating out ...

Think of the different types of cuisines you’d be somewhat interested in.
Then run through a list of places and 
check in with how your body feels about each place.
Whatever your body feels good with, that is the winner.

If you’re really stuck and can’t pick anything, then late fate decide!

Take a piece of paper and write down either 
the cuisine style or different restaurant choices.
Make sure each option is its own sliver of paper.
Next fold the papers up. Put them in a bag or hat.
Mix all the papers up. Close your eyes.
Reach your hand in and pick one piece of paper.
That’s what you’ll eat!

If you are down to two options, then take a coin and flip it 3 times.
Whichever wins 2 out of 3 times is the one.

You can play the games above with 
any choice you have to make in life.
(including what to cook that night 😉)

Okay so you want to cook, but you don’t know what.

First I’d take into consideration how hungry you are
and realistically how long you can wait to eat.
This will dictate what you’ll cook!

Look in your kitchen at all the ingredients you have.
Imagine eating them and see how you feel.

If you’re still like ugh I don’t know what I want,
then play the paper game first picking what protein,
then what grain and then what vegetables you’re going to make.

In general with meals you want to put the emphasis on vegetables and include whatever else with it - grains, proteins, fats.
Fruits make for great snacks or dessert.

Or you can scratch the idea of having a formal dinner all together 
and eat in a way that’s similar to many of my dinners ...
 a dinner based on a ton of different snacks!!

For example ...
Maybe start off with hummus and chips
and then follow it up with rice cakes with avocado, tomatoes and micro greens.
After maybe have a banana with cashew butter.
If you’re still hungry you can make a vegan protein shake or munch on some other fruit.
Maybe have some vegan yogurt with fruit and granola.

The options are endless.
Whatever you are in the mood for and excited to eat!

Hopefully you get the idea though ...
all of these snacks combined will make up a meal.

Eat until you feel 80% full.
Oh and don’t feel a need to eat all the snacks at once - you can spread them out.

Your food is personal to you and no one can say ‘this is the right way to eat’.
It’s not true. There is no ‘right way’.

Find a way to make deciding what to eat light and fun!
Food is fun!
Food is healing!

Remember though ...
It’s okay girl - you can take your time on deciding what to eat.
Don’t let them rush you.

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