How I Remebered to Smile

by - 2/11/2020

Sometimes we don't realize we are 'off'.
We get so used to going through the day and marking off our to-do lists, 
that we can't really see ourselves.

We may not notice that ...
1. we don't feel great
2. we aren't ourselves
3. we are barely smiling

I spent years going in and out of this phase.
I was stressing myself out by doing too much.
I was emotionally everywhere.
I didn't feel good often.

Looking back I can see I was lost.
I wasn't clear on who I really am and
I wasn't embracing my truths.

If you are experiencing this right now,
please know it is temporary and you will get through it.
 It will get better.
You will feel like yourself again.

For now, I want to share what helped me remember how to smile and connect with myself
in hopes that some of the things I did will also help you.
Remember, you have to experiment and figure out what you like.
This is all about YOU!

1.  Started to listen to new music again
For the longest I kept playing the same playlist on repeat,
but growing up I was a BIG music person.
Somewhere, somehow it all just stopped.
I started to venture into new music and find things that would make me smile and light me up.
The new songs would also get me dancing and moving, which instantly cheers me up.

2. Tried new hobbies
I thought of things I always wanted to try (ie. painting) 
and the things I always loved to do (ie. rollerblading)
and I started making the time for these activities.
I would remind myself it is okay and fun to be a newbie.
Nothing has to be perfect - just do my best and really enjoy the activity.

3. Became friends with myself again
I made time to be alone in nature and I would listen to my thoughts.
Half the time I would find myself laughing because  my thoughts were just ridiculous.
I also started to do things I liked by myself (ie. dinner + a concert).
It was so freeing to enjoy an evening by myself doing things I enjoyed.

4. Remembered so many things.
Every day I would focus on what I was grateful for.
When I'd find myself complaining I'd zoom out and recognize this doesn't matter - in the grand scheme of life what I am whining about is insignificant.
I focused on being fully present every day.
I'd notice what would happen when I showed kindness to a stranger.
I would appreciate the sky and the color of it or the warmth of the sun on my face.
I'd remember I am this one small person on a planet that is revolving around the sun.
I'd pay attention to nature and watch animals and see how they just live.
I'd smile at the simple things.

I did things I enjoyed.
I focused on doing things I enjoyed.
I watched the way in which I spoke with myself.
I remembered the things I love to do and I did more of them.
I learned more things I enjoy.
I did my best to laugh every day.

I don't know fully how I got so far from smiling.
I know fear consumed me more than calmness.
I was scared of being sick and feeling sick.
Plus I was tired of not feeling well.

I took my power back and figured out my health.
Because I feel good, I know I smile more.
Because I feel good, I am excited about adventures.
Because I feel good, I am excited to live.

Your life is just that, YOUR LIFE.
It doesn't matter how it looks to someone else.
What matters is how it feels to you.
Everyone will always have an opinion, 
but who are they - why does their opinion matter more than yours?
(little secret - it doesn't. their opinion doesn't matter more than yours)

Are you living your life for you?

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