Keep on Moving!

by - 3/20/2020

Right now things are a little scary.
Your world may have been turned upside down and 
you are not sure how it will all pan out.

You may be feeling the weight of everything -
I know I have been feeling a lot of sadness.

It is good to recognize our emotions and work through them.

Sometimes when we don't fully feel our emotions, 
they will get stuck in the body.

This can result in pain in the body or even illness.

In the book 'Waking The Tiger' by Peter Levine, 
he explains how animals rarely ever store trauma in the body
where humans do all the time.
[I highly recommend this book if you feel like you have unresolved trauma to work through!]

So, today I want to talk about one of the best ways 
to let go of your emotions .... by moving!

I know a lot of gyms are closed right now and so are workout classes,
but nature and open space are still available.

How you move right now doesn't matter.
Just find a way to move.

It could be dancing in your living room.
Running outside.
Doing an at home workout in your basement.
Running around inside.
Switch to crawling from room to room (no walking allowed).
Playing with a hula-hoop
Jumping on the bed or the couch.
Shaking your entire body.
Re-arrange the furniture and then move it all back.

Get creative.

Moving is going to help calm you.
It will help reduce any stress in your body.
It will improve your mental health tremendously.

For right now, keep on moving.
It will truly help you feel your best!

PS I created a few at home workouts for you in 
my latest ebook with videos to help you learn the moves
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