What is Spirituality + Why Does it Matter?

by - 3/10/2020

 Spirituality ...
it has become such a common word now a days.
Some people cringe at it.
Others embrace it.

You can get really woo-woo with it
or you can just dip your toe in it.

Being spiritual, to me, is all about connecting to spirit.

I personally believe that I am a spirit in a physical body.

There have been times though where I have lost my connection to myself.
I don't necessarily feel my spirit.

When this happens I find I tend to be more in my head
- thinking a lot, anxious about things out of my control, reliving events from the past 
- not being present at all.

I feel disconnected.
I feel a little lost.
I am not sure if I am on the right path.
I am seeking something outside of myself.

This is where having a spiritual practice makes a difference.
Spirituality, to me, is also about reconnecting with yourself.

The way in which you connect is up to you.
It could be through:
- prayer
- meditating
- visualizing
- journaling
- sitting in nature
- talking out loud to yourself
- taking yourself on a date

Whatever activity that will allow you to get to know yourself more.

Spirituality is all about learning to hear [your] spirit.

Your life is just that, your life.
If you want to know you are on the right path, take a moment and connect in.
Any time before you make a decision, connect in.
Do your best to live life from a connected place.

This is why self awareness is so important.

You need to learn to hear your spirit.
You need to learn what it feels like when you are on the right path.
You need to learn what it feels like when you are [+ aren't] flowing with life.

All of this becomes your cues!
This is how you start seeking internal validation rather than external.

If you are empathic, you may be picking up on other people's energies
and mistaking it for your own.

A spiritual practice will help you get clear on your own personal energy.
This will improve your relationships and connections
because you will be clear with how you actually feel.

Like I can't emphasize this enough.

When you are empathic and you finally understand what is actually yours,
the entire world changes and you are so much freer.
You feel lighter. You are clearer. You are your best.
You can honor your boundaries.
You can deepen your relationships.

First and foremost though, you have to really connect with yourself and spirit.

This is just about making the time to tune in.
Pausing. Meditating. Listening.
Stopping all the thoughts.


You can also use tools to gain more insight or to cleanse yourself.
Some tools may include:
- tarot cards
- oracle cards
- pendulums
- candles
- astrology
- crystal sound healing
- gong healing
- reiki healing
- moon rituals
-  smudging
... the options are endless - it just depends on what you like.

Your energy is precious though.
Just like how you brush your teeth everyday,
you also want to cleanse your spirit every day.

You can do this with palo santo or sage.
I recommend clearing your energy in the morning and at night.

 Another way to maintain your energy throughout the day is to
set up a boundary in the morning.

Here is just one way:
close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and 
imagine there is a tiny ball of 
white light in the center of your heart 
and with every breath it expands more and more 
to the point where your entire body is enveloped by this white light
feel yourself feeling safe, loved, healthy, and protected in this light
acknowledge this light will be with you all day and will serve your highest good
and allow you to be there to serve the highest good in others

Your spiritual practice is personal to you.
It may be just the thing that has been missing
as spirituality can help fill a void.

So if you are brand new to spirituality and have no idea where to start or what to do...

1. Decide to make spirituality a priority in your schedule
2. Experiment with different tools
3. Be open

Keep an eye out for the amazing ways life unfolds once you start embracing your spirituality.

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