This One Thing Drastically Changed My Health

by - 3/22/2020

It would only be right that I start this
post off with a BIG shout out to my older sister.

She is the reason why I tried this one thing.
She put me on.
It has helped the most out of ALL the things I have tried.

You see I started seeing holistic doctors a long time ago.
Like when I was in grade school - that long ago.

In 2012 I was told I have acid reflux.
In 2014 I was told I have hashimotos thyroid issue.
In 2018 I was told I have an auto immune issue.
In 2016 I was told I have MTHFR gene mutation.

I have heard a lot of things.

However, I never received a long term solution.
I'd take various supplements, do restrictive diets and gain some relief.
The discomfort from eating would always come back though.

Until I started this one thing ...

Pure celery juice.

It is so simple and so powerful.
I am extremely grateful for the healing I have experienced.

Today I want to show you how to make it
(peep the video below)

1. Take 1 stalk of celery
2. Cut off the bottom
3. Wash the celery
4. Juice it
5. Drink up!

In order to gain the maximum healing benefits of celery juice,
you want to drink 16oz every day on an empty stomach.
I choose to have mine first thing in the AM, but you
can wait and have it later in the day as long as it is 2 hours since you have eaten.

You can enjoy your breakfast or coffee at least 15 minutes
after you finish the celery juice.

I typically drink my celery juice while washing the juicer,
get dressed for the day, and then enjoy breakfast.
Just one way to incorporate celery into your routine!

You can learn more about celery juice and its powerful healing effects at:

Let us know in the comments if celery juice has helped changed your life as well.

P.S. This is one of my tips to living a holistically healthy life.
Check out for more tips.

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