How to Thrive as an Empath

by - 3/23/2020

Before we get into how to thrive as an empath,
I think it makes sense for us to first talk about what an empath is.

An empath is someone who is able to understand and share the feelings of another.

From my point of view, it is a bit more intense
then feeling a way when someone shares with you (not like sympathy).

When you are empathic, you can feel other people's emotions
just by being around them.

For instance, if you have ever sat next to someone who was very angry
and out of no where you started to feel angry.
That is an example of empathy.

You are sensitive.
You pick up on the environment around you.
You feel intensely.
You tap into their energy.

Right now, with the state of the entire world,
fear has been heightened and it is everywhere.

As an empath when you scroll through social media
it is common to start feel the feelings of the person's post.
ie. if the post was written in fear, you feel that fear too.
If you are watching the news, your heart may start racing.

You are sensitive and it is a beautiful thing.

I know it may not feel beautiful, but I promise it is.
It is a gift as a human to experience such feelings.

The key to thriving is recognizing what is your energy
versus what is the energy you are tuning in to.

Ideally you want to be feeling your energy more often than not.

There are a few things you can do to truly thrive right now.

First let's make sure you are connecting to your energy:
1. feel your feet and do a body scan
2. take a few deep breaths
3. focus on your aura and cleanse it
4. ask yourself how am I feeling right now?

Once you get clear on what is yours and what isn't,
you can let go of the other energy.

I want to make something very clear right now so please listen close.
It is more than OKAY for you to feel good!
You deserve to feel good!
Please do not feel guilty that you feel good and someone else doesn't.
We all choose how we feel.
You are helping support others 100x more when you step into positivity
and allow yourself to feel good rather than sinking into lower vibes.

Embrace your truth and how you feel despite how others around you may feel.
Your light will lift others up. Stay with it.

So you recognize you are picking up other's energy.
Here is how you can clear yourself and maintain a positive vibe ...

1. smudge yourself with palo santo or sage 
I recommend you do this at least once a day

2. monitor what you are watching & listening to
you are no longer available for things full of fear and negativity
- that means you will get updates filtered from someone else in synopsis form

3. focus on thoughts that make you feel good
patrol your mind and don't engage with thoughts that relate to fear
do your best to just trust in the universe

4. be light + positivity for others
check in on those you care about and do nice things for others
being of service to others is a sure way to step into higher vibes

5. meditate and balance your chakras
you can balance your own chakras by sitting there and imagining
light shining through each chakra and asking for it to be cleared and balanced
(or if you'd like me to balance your chakras please reach out and I can help!)

If you are new to some of the above ideas let me provide a bit more insight...

Palo Santo is a light clearing of your energy, 
removing all negativity and leaving behind all the good positive vibes.

Sage is a deeper clearing and purifies your energy.

You pick up the feelings and energy of the things you watch and listen to.
If you want to feel better, you have to reduce your interaction with anything negative or fearful.

Your thoughts directly impact your energy.
When you can control your thoughts, you can truly decide 
how you want to feel at any moment in time.

It has been proven time and time again that helping others
always makes us feel better.
Instead of contributing to the fear, be kind to someone else.
It will go a long way, I promise.

Meditation is an opportunity to connect in with yourself, your highest being, and with spirit.
This is when you can ask questions and get answers.
Use this time right now as an opportunity to go inwards.
Get to know yourself more.

We typically focus on 7 chakras, which are energy centers 
that influence all parts of your body.
When a chakra is closed we may experience various physical or emotional ailments.
ie. the root chakra being closed can result in you feeling more fearful, 
panicked, anxious, threatened, low energy, sore lower back etc.
ie. if your throat chakra is closed you may struggle 
with speaking your truth or have neck pain or throat pain.

We want to keep the chakras open and flowing in order to feel our best.

As humans on earth yes we are physical beings, but we are also spiritual.
Once you recognize you are an empath, you start to see
how much energy impacts you.

To really thrive, you need to become more self aware
and honor your truths.

It is more than okay if you don't like to watch scary or violent movies anymore.
It is okay if you change how you eat because of the energy you get from your food.
It is okay to distance yourself from things that don't feel good.

Your energy is precious.
Take care of it every day.

I highly recommend creating your own practice
to maintain your energy.

Let me know in the comments what are some things 
you currently include in your daily spiritual practice.

P.S. if you'd like some ideas on how to deepen your spiritual practice, then check out my latest ebook

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