Day 2

by - 10/31/2015

It is only Day 2 and I had a hard time with wanting to go to the gym. Argh.

I had a slight headache and I felt tired. I think I do need to start drinking 5-6L of water a day.

Today I was 22g short of my protein goal and had 3 shakes today (1 w/ breakfast, 1 as a snack at 10:30am, and 1 after my workout).

I really need to look into this eating stuff because I feel like that is half the battle.

My abs totally hurt today and my workouts right now are taking longer than I expected (like 1 & 1/2 hour vs. just an hour). Once I know and do all the exercises I think it will get faster. I am not stretching though. I should probably do that. Reminder - squats I should try 25 pounds. Also, I can have BCAAs when I workout. I’m going to research how others are eating and protein rich recipes. This is a little overwhelming, but I need to take it one day at a time.
Tomorrow is my off day and I actually work. It will be fun!

(originally written on 5.1.15)

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