A Little History

by - 11/15/2015

Most of my life has been a journey of understanding how my emotions affect my health.

When I was a toddler, my mom traveled frequently on business trips. Whenever she would leave, I would end up with strep throat. Between the ages of 2-4, I received 22 throat cultures and actually tested positive for strep at least 14 times.
Every time I had strep throat I would receive antibiotics and I would take them as instructed. 
Once she stopped traveling, I stopped getting strep throat.

Looking back on this I can see how detrimental those antibiotics were on my gut microbiome and how my future stomach issues could maybe be linked to these times.

About 10 years ago, I began learning how food can heal the body. Through guidance of various holistic practitioners, I started to experiment with foods. 

I am constantly realizing how sensitive I am.

When I indulge in gluten and sugar I feel moody and am more susceptible to feeling depressed. Dairy does not digest well and some cheeses make me nauseous. Recently, I developed a nut sensitivity where peanuts give me a headache and almonds make my throat itch. 

The list can go on and on as I continue to eat foods and see how my body responds.

My emotional state also impacts my stomach. When I am anxious, nervous, or emotional my stomach gurgles or feels like there is a knot in it.

Most of the time when I am emotional I stop eating and now I HAVE to keep eating in order to gain muscle.

This journey is changing my relationship with food and makes me continually eat clean, which allows me to feel my best.

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