The Perfect Tomato Sauce

by - 5/02/2019

It is no secret buying groceries can be tricky.

The food industry likes to trick us.
It likes to create products that are addicting.
It likes to hide things on nutrition labels.
It likes to put certain terms on the front of the box to make us believe something is healthy
(ie. 0 trans fat, no high fructose corn syrup, etc.)

Welp. I can't be fooled!

To find a good product I want to make sure:
- the ingredient list contains 5-10 ingredients AT MOST
- I can read all the words listed
- it isn't full of chemicals

Since my health is of my utmost concern [+ I may be a little extreme],
I do my best to reduce my consumption of things like:
- xantham gum
- guar gum
- lecithin
- citric acid
- and other binders/fillers/words I don't know

Xantham gum, lecithin, and citric acid are found in a lot of 'healthy' products
and gluten-free vegan products.

I tend to limit my intake of them because well too much can upset my stomach.

So recently I have been on the hunt for tomato sauce.
Tomato sauce is one of those tricky food items.
Did you know they typically add sugar in tomato sauce?

At the store, my eyes initially caught the Whole Foods 365 brand tomato sauce.
I started reading the ingredient list and it had words like 'concentrate' and 'citric acid' on the label.
Not the worst ingredient list I have seen, but not the best.

Then my eyes caught the below... it doesn't get more SIMPLE than this!!

The ingredients:
- local tomatoes
- onions
- olive oil
- salt
- basil

No citric acid. No concentrates.
Just REAL ingredients.

Did I mention it is really YUMMY?!

As someone who grew up on pasta (esp. cheese ravioli), you can only imagine how much I miss it now that I am gluten-free vegan.

This tomato sauce though is a GAME CHANGER.

I am now able to indulge in pasta with Daiya vegan cheese and tomato sauce as many times as I want.
It is satisfying beyond belief.

Doesn't it look tasty?

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