A New Kind of Meditation

by - 5/15/2019

Recently I have been having a really challenging time meditating.
There are so many thoughts going through my mind that it takes 
well over 20 minutes for me to feel calm.

And right now I feel like I don’t have 30-40 minutes to meditate.
Well let’s be more honest - I don’t want to take 40 minutes to sit in silence and mediate.

I know I need to meditate though.
I have been feeling crazy wired lately but also pretty tired.
My mind won’t stop.
So many different topics.
So many different ideas.
I am full of excitement most days.
The chatter is tiring to keep up with.

I’m aware of it though.
Some days I decide to tune out.
It is endless.

Last week I had a reading with a phenomenal medium 
and she suggested a new kind of meditation for me.

Sit down in a chair.
Feet flat on the floor.
Light a candle.
Watch the flame for 10 minutes.

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BOOM!! That I can do!
I actually love watching fire.
It is captivating and calming.
It gives me something to focus on which helps quiet my mind.

Meditation comes in many forms.
Its about getting into a certain state of being rather than doing it a certain way.

During meditation I am looking to experience a certain calmness.
It is almost like drifting to sleep, but not fully getting there.
This state of being present and aware, but not fully alert.
It feels AMAZING - absolute BLISS.

It is like taking the biggest deep breath, exhaling completely,
and having nothing more to give.
Utter relaxation.

When it comes to maintaining my health, I know meditating is a vital part.
 It is something I ought to do on a consistent basis (ie. everyday ideally or a few times a week).

Since I know I struggle to sit down and meditate, 
I constantly look for other ways to get into a meditative state.
This new meditation excites me and makes me look forward to meditating.

That is what you want to find with your own meditation practice.

Pay attention to how you are feeling and what is helping you feel calm and grounded.
That will be the style for you.

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