Unlocking your higher purpose

by - 5/07/2019

As cliche as this may sound, life really is a journey.

There are so many ways to learn about who we truly are.
I don't mean what our interests are.
I mean who we are as a soul.
Our intuitive side.

What I know to be true is the only way to get to know yourself 
is to actually get to know yourself.
Strip away all the things anyone has ever told you.
Look at your actions. Look at your thoughts. Look at your feelings.
See what is typical of you.
Get clear on your patterns.
Be real with yourself.

We are meant to grow.
Every experience and relationship we have is showing us
what ways we can continue to become better.

Today I want to introduce you to a tool I started using back in 2014.
I don't know if 'tool' is actually the right word, but it is more than a book.
The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd is incredibly transformative.

Like I said though - it is WAY more than a book.

The Gene Keys describes all human states of consciousness.
I'm talking about from the deepest fear-based patterns to
the most awe-inspiring possibilities in our DNA.

Why would any of this information matter?

This is the beauty of The Gene Keys.
It is showcasing all different aspects of life.
It helps you get an understanding as to all that is possible.

As you know, awareness is key.
If you want to grow and evolve, you must become aware.

So, the first step in using The Gene Keys is to get your own profile
(it's free to get - you can get it by clicking here).
*Don't be surprised - you will need your birth time and city to generate your profile.*
By combining astrological calculation with an archetypal understanding of genetics,
you end up with a blueprint that tells you
who you are, how you operate, and why are you here.

Here is my profile:

If you are familiar with human design then you will notice some similarities between the profiles.

Next, it is all about contemplation!

Richard Rudd introduced me to contemplation and I am SO grateful for it.
Even more so excited that he made a book all about it.

(his newest book The Art of Contemplation)

So what is contemplation?

In The Gene Keys, Richard Rudd explains 
how Contemplation is something of a forgotten spiritual path.
'Unlike meditation, it does not completely bypass the mind, 
rather it uses the mind in a playful way to open new inner 
pathways inside our brain and body.'

Especially since sometimes I find meditation to be a challenge.
The idea behind contemplation is to be patient, pause, meander, flow.
When you are contemplating, you want to be in a state of relaxation.
You aren't judging or critiquing.
You are taking in information and just letting it settle.
Examining it in a way.

'To enter on a path of contemplation is to slow down inwardly 
in order that you begin to see things around you more clearly.'

How beautiful is that!?

'The Gene Keys are a self-teaching transmission that awakens within you, 
rather than a structure imposed from the outside through a set discipline or teacher. 
The Gene Keys are an adventure that you can tailor to your own life, 
moving at your own pace, and trusting in your intuition and imagination.'

So now that you have your profile and you understand what contemplation is, 
it is time to start doing the work.

When you look at your profile it is broken into 3 pathways.
The Golden Path.
The Venus Sequence.
The Pearl Sequence.

The Golden Path is everything in green on your profile.
You start with reading those gene keys that are specific to you.
You contemplate them.
Re-read them.
Let it all settle in.

If you want to deepen your journey, you can purchase 
courses that correlate with each pathway.

The Venus Sequence is the red circles.
The Pearl Sequence is the blue circles.

I did the Activation Sequence/The Golden Path about 4 years ago.
Started the Venus Sequence but didn't complete it.
I am re-starting the Venus sequence as I feel fully ready to open up more.

I love this work because it is all on my time and it is all about 
my perception/understanding from the teachings.

Truly this is the best way to learn about YOU!

I will keep saying this as it is a lesson I have been learning;
NO ONE outside of you knows you better than YOU.
No parent. No family member. No significant other. No friend.

Back in October, I had an amazing opportunity to attend one of Richard Rudd's events 
at The Assemblage NoMad in NYC.
The venue was AMAZING - full of gluten-free vegan food.

Today I posted a YouTube video where I talk more about the event and his teachings.

(picture of the wall made from moss at The Assemblage NoMad NYC)

The Gene Keys isn't a race.
It is the ultimate marathon.
Each time you read it you learn something new
as you are forever evolving.

I think this is flipping amazing!!

I'd love to know what you think of The Gene Keys.
Has it transformed your life?

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