Motivation Isn't Always There

by - 3/24/2020

Workout who?
Never heard of her.
Please don't introduce us either.

Let's get real about a holistic health journey.

You have a goal.
Initially you are fired up.
You want this!

You get all your supplies prepped.
You plan your schedule.

You start moving forward.

Day one rolls around and it was good.
Day two is similar.
Day three things start to feel repetitive.
Day four you are sticking it through.
By the time day seven arrives you are questioning it all.

This is COMMON!

Making lifestyle changes takes work.
So how do you keep pushing forward?

Realize you can't always rely on motivation.
There will be days where you have the energy and feel incredibly inspired.
Other days you just won't feel like doing anything.
Do your best to stick with your plan, especially on the days you don't feel like it.

Decision fatigue is a real thing.
If you are someone who juggles a lot and is constantly making decisions all day,
you absolutely have to set yourself up for success.

- plan your schedule for the week on a Sunday: when you will exercise, 
when you will have time to yourself, when you will work on your goals, etc. 
- meal prep as much as possible so you have a stocked fridge 
- bring snacks and water with you always
- plan out all the small details

The less decisions you have to make each day the better.

Plus, when you know something is on your schedule, 
you will be more mentally prepared to do it.

Now this next point may hit home, but please know if it does
I am right there with you sending you so much love.

Sometimes we purposefully maintain habits to keep ourselves
from changing because we are getting more attention 
or love and we are scared if we change we won't
receive it anymore.

On the flip side, sometimes we keep bad habits going
because we do not believe we deserve better.

We may feel like we are unworthy.

This is the most difficult part ...
if you are continuously self-sabotaging, 
I want you to have a real conversation with yourself.

Grab a pen and paper and ask yourself ...
1. Why do I continue to fall into old habits?
2. What limiting beliefs do I have?
3. What would happen if I changed?
4. What am I scared of?
5. What will happen if I love myself unconditionally?

Once you get clear on what is real for you, 
you can work through the underlying issue.

After you resolve the deeper feelings,
you will have a much easier time staying motivated.

Eventually your new habits will just become habits.
You won't rely on motivation as much.
It will be your new routine.

A holistic health journey is not all or nothing.
It comes with lots of shades of gray.

Be kind to yourself.

You are possible of changing.
You are worthy of change.
You deserve change.
You are more than capable!
You are freaking incredible!
You are unstoppable!

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